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  • Do Pets Dream? - As a veterinarian I am often questioned if pets dream? According to recent research, there is now doubt that many animals dream. Dogs and other animals aren’t that different from humans when it comes to some phases of sleep. Humans, dogs and other animals experience two stages of sleep, slow wave sleep (SWS) and rapid eye movement REM the sleep phase in which we experience dreams. During the REM phase, the brain is very active. When your dog whines, growls twitches, the legs move like they are running, the eyes roll back, or you see and hear heavy breathing, they
  • Tick population on the rise! - June 2017 My dog has a tick should I take him to the vet? It depends, not all ticks cause problems for dogs and cats. However, if your animal is sick and you have recently observed a tick on your pet, by all means, take your pet to a veterinarian right away. You can remove the tick yourself, make sure you wear gloves, or if you are uncomfortable doing this, your veterinarian can remove it for you. To prevent your dogs and cats from getting ticks in the future, start a flea and tick preventive for your pet right away.