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  • Cats and litterboxes- Question: Why is my cat not using the litterbox? Answer: I wish I had an answer that solved this problem every time, but because this problem can be multifactorial, I cannot give a definite solution. Basically, litterbox aversion is either physical or behavioral, and a veterinary examination is required to tell the difference, along with appropriate laboratory testing. Physical problems are corrected with medications or surgery, while behavioral issues are more challenging to control, but can be handled with medications and environmental manipulation. If the litterbox is too small, your cat will not like it. The litterbox should be 1
  • My dog is sick- Question: My dog is vomiting and has diarrhea, what is the problem? Answer: That is a common question that has a more complicated answer, as there are many possible reasons for Gastro-Intestinal upset. We see many, many pets in our urgent care after hours facility with emergency veterinary GI problems. To figure out what the specific problem might be, we need to do some investigation. This involves testing by obtaining baseline diagnostics, such as fecal testing, bloodwork, and x-rays. These may give us the answer or indicate further testing. The treatment is specific to the problem, but we often treat
  • How many dogs are there in the world?- Question: How many dogs are there in the world? There are roughly 900 million dogs in the world. That’s about one dog for every 8 people on earth! Sadly, however, two-thirds of these dogs are stray dogs. Establishing the precise number of dogs in the world is challenging attributable to the free-ranging dogs roaming the streets and neighborhoods around the globe. Think about that, if every person in the world adopted 8 dogs, our stray problem would be over. Spaying and neutering are essential. I am happy to report, our stray pet population in Springboro Ohio is not too bad.
  • Can Dogs see in color?- Question: I heard dogs only see in black and white, is that true? Boy, I have heard this question a lot! Despite popular belief, dogs don’t only see in black and white; in fact, they can see in blue, green, yellow, and gray too. That is pretty cool! There are rods and cones in our eyes, and the cones are responsible for color vision. We have 3 types of cones, one picks up purple and blue, one green, and the 3rd green to red. With this verity we get our great color contrast vision. This is not the case with
  • Seizures- Question: Why is my dog trembling or shaking? Sometimes he falls over and sometimes he just stands and looks at me with teeth chattering. Could it be a seizure? Answer: Yes, your dog could be having a seizure, but other problems could exist. We would first need to perform a physical exam and do some laboratory testing to see what is going on. Seizures can be due to another organ system malfunction or can occur for no reason at all (we call this Epilepsy). If we find another problem, then we can directly treat that, and then the seizures will
  • How can I make my pet safe during the holidays?- The question every veterinarian wishes they were asked before Christmas. How can I make my pet safe during the holidays?  Nothing can spoil holiday cheer like an emergency visit to a veterinary clinic. After operating Veterinary Urgent care for six years here are my Holiday Safety Tips for your Pets: Keep people food out of the reach of your pet, and ask your Uncle Eddy to do the same. We consume a lot of food during the Christmas holidays, and our pets have to watch. Do not feed your pet table food but have a few healthy pet treats available
  • Reindeer Questions- Why does Rudolph’s nose glow red? Rudolph actually has a medical condition called nasus roseus (pronounced “NAY-suss ROSE-ee-us”) that makes his nose glow bright red like a light bulb. It doesn’t hurt, though, so don’t worry. And if you’re familiar with the story of Rudolph, you’ll know that his glowing nose makes it possible for Santa to complete his mission even in a blizzard or heavy fog. Do Reindeer really fly? Most reindeer can’t fly, but Santa’s reindeer are special. Because they’re magic, they can fly very high and very far without getting tired. Do Reindeer live in a barn
  • CBD Oil and Pets- CBD OIL AND PETS QUESTION: This commentary is not a single question, as I have received hundreds of questions about CBD over the last few years. I have been hesitating to comment, as I have been waiting for more information and most importantly research. I cannot wait any longer, and I suspect I will address this issue at other times in the future also. Answer: CBD (cannabidiol)is an extract from the Cannabis plant that is different from but in the same family as the Marijuana plant. Marijuana is illegal due to its high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which are psychoactive.
  • Canine and Feline Flu: Concern, not Panic- Media exposure and internet rumors surrounding canine influenza have scientists and veterinarians scrambling to clarify a sea of misinformation. Veterinarians are coping with a highly infectious canine virus establishing itself in dog populations. It has been confirmed that canine influenza has appeared in nine states – Kentucky, Florida, California, New York, Ohio, Maryland, Massachusetts, Washington, and New Jersey. Most cases have originated from boarding and kennel operations. The virus was identified last year as equine (horse) flu that jumped species, from the horse to the dog. It is not the “bird flu” that we have all been hearing about in
  • Update on CBD Oil- Have you ever re-read something you wrote and wonder, “what was I thinking?” And then your wife says the last article you submitted about CBD oil and pets was just a little too “science nerdish.” I have to admit, after re-reading my previous article, I was so worried about people understanding the difference between cannabinoids, CBD, hemp, marijuana, THC, etc. that I did not make the point clear on the efficacy of CBD oil and pets. So, here are the main points to remember on CBD oil and pets. Not all CBD oils are the same, buyer beware! It is