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    Please attach current vaccination records or have them faxed to (937) 748-9991 prior to first visit to The Barking Lot.
  • Your dog must be current on DHPP, Leptospirosis, Rabies, Bordetella, heartworm check and a fecal check. We require your dog to be on a 6 month Bordetella vaccination to assure the health of all the dogs that play at The Barking Lot. We also require your dog to be on a monthly flea prevention program and to be free of parasites to attend Doggy Daycare. We will need documentation from your veterinarian regarding these requirements.Your dog’s attendance at The Barking Lot is not without risk. Understand that every effort will be made by our staff to assure a safe environment for your dog. You are responsible for any damage or injury while your dog is at The Barking Lot. Doctor’s fees due to injury to your dog or injury to another dog caused by your dog will be the responsibility of you and the owner of the other dog. This also applies to injury to people.Your dog’s acceptance at The Barking Lot is at the sole discretion of our staff. Any dog that is aggressive, ill or injured will not be able to attend Daycare. If your dog is disruptive while at daycare he/she may be asked to attend some training or behavior classes before being allowed to come back to Daycare.I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Dr. Gary Beall, The Barking Lot, Springboro Veterinary Hospital, Inc., and Springboro Veterinary Hospital staff from any and all liability of any nature and claims, including any damage my pet may cause to other pets or third parties and/or injury, death, sickness or damage my pet may suffer during or after play group participation.I authorize the veterinarian(s) at Springboro Veterinary Hospital to treat my dog(s) if any situation arises and will pay any charges incurred. I agree to the above conditions.
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