Question: I heard dogs only see in black and white, is that true?
Boy, I have heard this question a lot! Despite popular belief, dogs don’t only see in black and white; in fact, they can see in blue, green, yellow, and gray too. That is pretty cool! There are rods and cones in our eyes, and the cones are responsible for color vision. We have 3 types of cones, one picks up purple and blue, one green, and the 3rd green to red. With this verity we get our great color contrast vision. This is not the case with your dog, as they only have 2 types of cones, one is the purple to blue and the other is yellow, and this gives them much less contrast in color. So dogs are not color blind but they do not have the vivid color vision that we experience.

Gary Beall DVM
Chip Beall DVM
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