Question: My dog was just diagnosed with cancer, what now?

Answer: First of all let me say that I understand your emotions at this time. Cancer is so prevalent in our society, that we all live in fear. While cancer in pets is scary, it can be a whole different experience in animals.

Every case of cancer is unique. Factors of age, breed, lifestyle, our emotional attachment, and finances all come into play when making decisions about treatment. Your veterinarian who you trusted to make the diagnosis is your best source of information and support in developing a plan.

The 3 main approaches to treatment are Chemotherapy, Surgery, and Radiation, however no treatment at all is not uncommon, as quality of life issues need to be weighed against the factors listed above.

If treatment is chosen please remember that all the negative side effects we are aware of in people are not necessarily going to happen to your pet. 85% of pets that receive chemotherapy experience no adverse effects at all, and the ones that do only have mild signs, like nausea.

Unfortunately, treatment is expensive. Since 25% of pets will experience cancer, it is wise to have planned ahead for its possibility, and lessen the influence of finances on your decision. In a previous article we wrote about pet insurance and savings accounts.

Even if you do decide to move ahead with treatment, please keep in mind that the goal is often not cure, but to elevate pain and extend quality of life.

Another previous article that we wrote concerned CBD. Although this is not chemotherapy, it can help with pain, nausea, and anxiety.

Again, I understand what you are going thru, and please take all of these points under consideration, and make an informed decision about treatment or not, and enjoy whatever time you have with your beloved pet.