This is an important episode. The Fourth of July is the most dangerous day of the year for pets. The loud noises can stress some pets so much they run away, or they hide in fear and can even become ill.

Dr. Chip Beall and Dr. Gary Beall describe the stress some animals experience during the Firework celebrating seasons. They discuss in detail how to prevent or lessen the stress pets feel with loud noises.

Listen while they explain how to train your pet to become conditioned or ignore loud noises and describe the new cutting edge drugs that might help the pet that can not be helped with love, and kisses or training.

Cool Pet Stuff Discovery of the Week: one of the 2019 best pet apps of the year: ScritchSpot. As she does every week, Julie will review this app and let you know whether you should consider it too. You can find it at your app store.

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