In this episode, we will begin to answer the top 10 most popular Google questions about pets? The first ten will be about dogs, and we will continue in later episodes to answer the most popular questions about cats. For today we will cover the first five most popular questions about dogs.

Why do dogs eat grass? Well, there is not a correct answer here. There are only several theories on why pets eat grass. One is they are bored, and that is an excellent theory. But the most popular reason pets eat grass is to calm their an upset stomach. It may be therapeutic for some dogs. And some dogs just like grass!

We did a fun video about dogs eating grass several years ago. The link is below:

Do Dogs Dream? The answer is yes, and recent research says they dream about you and what they do during the day. We also think you should let your dog and cat dream and don’t try to wake them up. They could be startled and act aggressively if surprised. Just like in humans, let a sleeping dog alone.

It is important to know the difference between a seizure and a dream.

Below is a video we made on dreaming that has a few great ideas on pets dreaming.

Why Do Dogs Howl? There are lots of reasons for dogs to howl. But mostly it is a communication and territorial tool. It can be a tool to communicate stress too.

Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers? Whiskers are sensory organs that help with touch and give a message to the brain. It helps the pet make decisions and how to navigate their movements.

Research has shown moving whiskers can communicate fear or aggression. It is considered an initiate wild animal instinct. Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails? Sometimes they do it for boredom and sometime they may have another OCD type issue.

Cool Pet Stuff Discovery of the Week: PetSelfie App
We’ve all been there. Trying to snap the perfect photo shot of our adorable pets in a split second. Well with PetSelfie, your pet can be just as Instagram-able as you are. PetSelife makes it simple; They tested sounds on a variety of animals that are guaranteed to get your pet’s attention. This is great for your cute pooch or a crazy cat, and it is straightforward to use (We do not receive sponsorship for this cool pet stuff discover).

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