In this episode, Dr. Chip and Dr. Beall will talk about preventing ear infections and how to clean those stinky ears. This is the number one question we get at our office. Infected ears can be a serious problem and chronic, especially for some breeds. Below is a great video on cleaning a dog’s ear that has proven helpful to many.

Cool Pet Stuff Discovery of the Week:
Music for a Dog Ear CD: Music through a dog’s ear.

This is a great CD that pet owners might not know they need but some owner definitely knows they need something to calm their pets. Millions of dog and cat parents have struggled with stress-related behavior issues, from separation anxiety to fear of thunderstorms. Classical music for your pet may be an answer.

Now, psychoacoustic expert Joshua Leeds joins concert pianist Lisa Spector and veterinary neurologist Dr. Susan Wagner to create Through a Dog’s Ear: classical music clinically demonstrated to calm canine listeners. Studies show these solo piano arrangements reduced anxiety behavior and induced calmness in 70 percent of dogs in shelters or kennels and 85 percent of dogs in households.