Why is my dog’s nose dry?

Dog’s have a good sense of smell 400 X stronger than a human smell.

Interestingly dogs can smell the fear of the previous dog in the exam room. Their sense of smell is just amazing

Back to the question dogs, noses should be moist. But should not be dripping either. Dry noses are not normal. If they are dry, it is usually environmental, kind of like chapped lips and dry hands. But it can be from dehydration which has many causes some of which can be serious.

If your pet has a dry nose, you should call your veterinarian

Another interesting fact about a nose or nasal passage; If it is frigid outside your nose will warm the air so the lungs can accept it and use the oxygen and is true if it hot, the nasal passage can cool the air.

Dogs don’t sweat, but they can cool down through their noses

Why do dogs dig?

Dogs dig for lots of reasons, but a big reason for digging is they are bored. If you want to stop them from digging, you must catch them. Then they must be redirected. Food puzzles are good for boredom too.

Digging can be from resource guarding, protecting her food. It is one of their wild instincts.

Using a sandbox with buried bones and treats can help them with boredom.

Cool Pet Stuff of the week :

This week we discuss a fantastic application for dogs who have trouble walking on hardwood floors and tile surfaces. They are especially useful for senior dogs. They are called Dr. Buzby Toe Grips.

Dr. Buzby gave us a set of the toe grips last year, and we did not use them until a few months ago when our granddog Gracie, became very ill and had trouble walking. When she finally stabilized, her gait was unsteady. We pulled out the toe grips and tried them. She immediately began walking. It gave her the confidence she needed. We are in love with these toe grips now and offer them to our clients. They can be purchased at our website, Springborovet.com or Toe Grips

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