Last week we heard rustling in the bushes in front of our hospital one evening, but there was nobody there. When we went out to inspect, we found an injured cat. How it got there, we do not know, but I believe it knew where to come for help. The first thing we noticed was that it smelled like smoke, you know, the kind of smoke around a campfire.

On physical examination, we found burns an all paws and on its belly. The cat was in pretty bad shape but very sweet despite his condition. Over my almost 40 years in Veterinary Medicine I have been amazed at how sweet animals can be no matter what their circumstances, even if mistreated by mankind. We are currently treating his numerous wounds, and he is becoming sweeter every day. He is endearing himself to my superstar, caring staff, who have now named him “Handsome.” I anticipate a full recovery over the next month or so, and “Handsome” will then be looking for his fur-ever home, so if interested, please contact us.

You can follow his journey on our Facebook page, Springboro Veterinary Hospital or Instagram @springborovet. Or better yet stop in to visit him. He is purrrrfect! with visitors.
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