Should I be brushing my pet’s teethAnswer:
Have you ever had a toothache? Is it painful? Moreover, I bet you brush your teeth, don’t you? However, if you never brushed your teeth besides lousy breath and rotten teeth your health would also be severely affected. Why would you allow that for your pet?

Oral and tooth difficulties are one of the most significant problems pets have because the infections that develop in the mouth affect every other system in the body. Often a problem in one area is secondary to a primary oral problem. Without question, daily brushing your dog or cats’ teeth is the best method to prevent problems. Make sure you use a pet toothbrush (very soft bristled) and pet toothpaste (no detergents). Even though this is the best, I understand that this can be difficult, so there are many other things to try. One that I like is called OraVet. This is a sealant that can be applied weekly, directly or in a chew.
If you do not take care of your pet’s oral hygiene, they will eventually develop a dental disease, not to mention experience much pain. Then they will need to have a minor anesthetic procedure called prophylaxis,or referred to as a Dental procedure.