Question: With spring fast approaching, is there anything I should be considering regarding getting my dog ready?

Answer: I commend you for thinking ahead, if more pet parents would do this we would have fewer problems related to issues we can prevent.

Some things to consider for getting ready for spring are licenses, vaccines, heartworms, fleas, and ticks.

A dog license is required for all dogs in Ohio and they are distributed by county. Springboro Veterinary Hospital has Warren Co licenses and you can also get them online.

All dogs should be current on their vaccinations as we enter into the spring and our pets are more social. These vaccines should be boostered annually or according to label directions.

With spring comes warmer temperatures and moisture and this bring mosquitoes which brings heartworms. Make sure you continue you heartworm prevention program, so your dog does not get this deadly disease. If you are not on a program, give us a call and get started, as an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We use a monthly chewable called Heartgard or an injection every 6 months called ProHeart.

Fleas and ticks are pesky parasites that are always present, especially starting in the springtime. There are many treatments and here at Springboro Veterinary Hospital we use a monthly topical called Frontline or a monthly chewable pill called Nexgard.

Another thing to consider is that February and March is coyote breeding season, so be careful letting your dog out unsupervised, as male coyotes are more aggressive this time of year.

Just like me, your pet has probably put on some weight with winter inactivity. As spring approaches, please ease into increased activity so you do not exert undue stress, and as fitness improves gradually, those extra pounds should come off.

We are all looking forward to spring, so let’s have a good one by being prepared.