My dog has a tick should I take him to the vet?
It depends, not all ticks cause problems for dogs and cats. However, if your animal is sick and you have recently observed a tick on your pet, by all means, take your pet to a veterinarian right away. You can remove the tick yourself, make sure you wear gloves, or if you are uncomfortable doing this, your veterinarian can remove it for you. To prevent your dogs and cats from getting ticks in the future, start a flea and tick preventive for your pet right away. And don’t forget every season is tick season, especially in Springboro where we had such a mild winter.

Can ticks make my dog or cat sick?
Yes, they can, great question. Ticks can make pets and HUMANS very sick. Some of the diseases pets and people can get from ticks are:

– Lyme Disease
– Anaplasmosis
– Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
– Tularemia
– Ehrlichiosis

These are dangerous conditions and not to be taken lightly. According to my resources the tick population is on the rise. A rapidly increasing tick population is of great concern to both pets and humans. Cases of Lyme disease have steadily increased in Ohio over the past four years (recorded: 93 cases in 2013, 119 cases in 2014, 154 in 2015, and 160 in 2016)

Here in Warren County, we have also seen a slight uptick in reported cases of Lyme Disease.

to spread and attach to pets. Here at Springboro Veterinary Hospital and according to Chip at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, we are both seeing more ticks earlier than in previous years.

Prevention is critical to begin now if you are a pet owner. We, along with Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) recommend year-round parasite control for both dogs and cats. We also recommend a bi-annual examination by a veterinarian. Almost all parasitic infections are preventable, and it is our responsibility as pet owners to take action.

Many pet owners think they can take their animals off tick preventives in the winter because it’s too cold for ticks to survive in their area. And that’s a problem. It only takes a day or two of nice weather for the ticks to become active and start questing. As I stated in the previous answer, every season is tick season. It is even worse for the cat population. In our opinion, all cats should be using flea and tick protection.

Unfortunately, we now know that ticks transmit more disease pathogens than we previously understood. Prevention is critical and easy. We use the products Frontline Plus and Nexgard, but there are other preventatives available. Talk to your veterinarian about parasite prevention. And don’t buy those online products; sometimes you may receive a knock off. Last year I had someone bring in what looked like a parasite preventative but wasn’t sure as it was written in Chinese. Neither the pet owner nor I could understand the writing.
Sometimes online medications can cost you more, but that is another article for another day. Let’s hope we all hear the warning and start prevention for our pets right away. If you have questions, please feel free to give us a call 937-748-1378 or email us at

Gary Beall DVM
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