Have you ever re-read something you wrote and wonder, “what was I thinking?” And then your wife says the last article you submitted about CBD oil and pets was just a little too “science nerdish.” I have to admit, after re-reading my previous article, I was so worried about people understanding the difference between cannabinoids, CBD, hemp, marijuana, THC, etc. that I did not make the point clear on the efficacy of CBD oil and pets. So, here are the main points to remember on CBD oil and pets.

  1. Not all CBD oils are the same, buyer beware! It is the wild, wild west of CBD oil out there. Some claim to have CBD oil when they are selling mostly olive oil or something similar.
  2. CBD oil has not yet been approved for pets; however, there is mounting research to show at specific doses, under certain conditions, CBD oil is helpful in osteoarthritic dogs
  3. We only know of one particular CBD oil studied for pets by Cornell University, and we carry that brand in our office. It is a high CBD concentration of oil. We are experiencing positive results in particular cases.
  4. There is a possibility of liver toxicity using CDB oil. If your pet is on CBD oil, you must have lab work done to monitor liver function.
  5. Do not start your pet on CBD oil without consulting your veterinarian. The dosages prescribed are critical.
  6. And finally, with medical marijuana being legal, we have seen an increase in THC overdoses in animals. If you suspect your pet has ingested your medical marijuana in any form, edibles, leaves, oils, etc. call your veterinarian immediately. THC is toxic to animals.

Ok, those are the main points I needed to make sure you knew. As research continues, we will keep you updated. We believe there is promise in CBD oil and look forward to the day the research outpaces the marketing.