Question: What other jobs are available at a Veterinary Hospital, other than a Veterinarian?
Answer: When my staff heard I was writing about this, they told me to tell everyone about the great team here at Springboro Veterinary Hospital. We really are humble people that are very proud of our careers. We often say you can hear our smiles.

To accurately answer your question, there are more positions at a Veterinary Hospital than being a Veterinarian. We have Client Service Reps, Lead Receptionist, Urgent Care staff, Hospitality/Kennel staff, Professional Dog Groomer, Daycare staff, Professional Dog Trainer, Veterinary Assistants, Certified Veterinary Nurses, Hospital Administrators, along with Veterinarians.

The Trainers, Assistants, Nurses, Administrators, and Veterinarians all have certificates or licenses, but all the other positions can be learned on the job. Most Veterinary Hospitals have volunteer opportunities, and ours has the unique experience of a Veterinary Assistant School. If you are looking for a career in the animal health industry, a small animal hospital is a great place to work. At Springboro Veterinary Hospital, we have developed a loving culture where everyone can grow and succeed while improving the health of the pets we have the privilege to serve.

If you want a career in animal care…GO FOR IT! Don’t let anyone stop you!

If you have any questions, please give us a call. 937-748-1378 or

One last thing…TICKS ARE A REAL PROBLEM THIS YEAR. Don’t forget your pets flea and tick preventative. And don’t forget to do a thorough tick check on you and your family after being outside in a field or forest.

Gary Beall DVM
Chip Beall DVM
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