What should I do if my dog is having a seizureFirst, stay calm. I remember one night watching TV when I looked down and our Golden Doodle was having a seizure. Even though I am a veterinarian, it was still a hard thing to watch. I will admit it scared me. But when a dog is having a seizure, he is unaware and is not “suffering.” Keep your dog as calm as possible and protect him from hurting himself. Loud or harsh noises may lengthen the seizure or make it worse.

Other pets in the household may be upset or threatened by the seizing dog. Take them from the area if possible. You can try talking to your dog while he is experiencing a seizure, it may relax them slightly never put your hands near the dog’s mouth as he may involuntarily bite you. Of course, they would not mean to bite you, but they are unconscious.
Always have your veterinarian or emergency veterinary center phone numbers available. Call if your dog has a seizure that lasts more than five minutes. If the seizure lasts more than thirty minutes, permanent brain damage may occur if the seizures are not stopped.