Question: Why does my dog prefer women over men?

Answer: The reason is unknown, but the observation is accurate, some pets prefer one sex over the other. WE can often discover that there was a negative experience early in life, and that can scar an animal for life
I can say from experience that some pets are afraid of me as soon as I walk in the room, but if one of our female vets walks in, they are fine. The opposite occurs also, where the pet does not like the female vet but is ok with one of our male vets.

Over the years Veterinary Medicine has changed drastically in its ratio of male: female doctors. When I was in Veterinary school 40 years ago we had 100 males and 25 females, and in Dr. Chip’s recent class there were 130 females and 30 males. As you can see, the profession has become female-dominated, so as older veterinarians retire, they are being more replaced by female veterinarians.

So, if your pet likes females better, you are in luck, as there will be more female veterinarians in the future.

Here at Springboro Veterinary Hospital, we have 7 veterinarians, 4 female, and 3 male, so if you know your pet prefers one over the other, please ask for an appointment accordingly.

Question: It is post-pandemic, the kids are going back to school, and we are going back to work but we are worried about our pets when we leave?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world got used to seeing their family more than ever before, and that includes their pets.
As many kids prepare to go back to the classroom and parents return to the office, veterinarians are seeing a record number of separation anxiety. Let’s face it, when you are with your pet all day every day, they are going to wonder what happened when they don’t see you for long stretches of time.

Here are some quick signs to look for if you’re worried about separation anxiety.

  • Pay attention if you find your dog pacing or trying to run away
  • Unusual barking or howling is a telltale sign something is not right
  • Taking up chewing, digging, or destruction
  • If your pet is having accidents when they go to the bathroom

Separation anxiety is real, but it can be lessened.

For those returning to the office or traveling again, we suggest getting your dog used to missing you before you make the full leap.

Consider taking yourself out for a cup of coffee at the time of day you would eventually be headed out of the house to go to work for the day. Maybe run a few errands during the day. Let them know you are returning.

Come back and take note of your dog’s behavior. You can also invest in a webcam.

I think spying on our pets is a wonderful tool to really get a sense of how they’re coping when we’re away.

Hire a dog walker or sign up for doggy daycare if your pet needs caretaking when no one’s home. Many pets enjoy the social interaction of human and furry friends! We offer doggie daycare at Springboro Veterinary Hospital.

No matter what busy days may bring, make sure you always take some time for belly rubs, games of fetch, and couch snuggles. Pet bonding will be the easiest, most lovable thing on your to-do list.