We have a fine Boarding facility here at Springboro Veterinary Hospital and Urgent Care, which is attached to the Daycare and so the dogs can go outside several times daily during their stay, or can stay outside all day long in the Daycare!

The rate is $32.99 per night for one dog and $16.99 for the second, as long as they stay in the same kennel. Boarding is all inclusive, we do not charge extra for Park Playtime, Daycare, giving medications or the kennel bath each dog receives before going home. The requirements for boarding are the same as for the daycare.

Records can be faxed (937)748-9991 or brought in, but we ask that we get the records at least one week prior to the boarding reservation so we can be sure that your dog is protected and parasite free for his/her stay.

Pet Boarding in Springboro OH