The Veterinary Assistant School is a 10 week Career School that is accredited with the State of Ohio.

Upon graduation, you will receive a Certificate as a Veterinary Assistant.

Veterinary Assistants do just as the title suggests, they assist Veterinarians with everyday duties in a small animal Veterinary Hospital.

You will receive training for Front Desk responsibilities, Kennel management and Hospital procedures.

You can use your Certificate to apply at Veterinary Hospitals, Kennels, Pet Shops, Zoos or use your experience to start your own pet related business.

The curriculum is divided between classroom and laboratory studies.

Office Standards, Conduct & TerminologyOffice Procedures
DentistryAnimal Restraint
EarsSample Handling 1
FleasSample Handling 2
HeartwormsRoutine Techniques 1
Internal ParasitesRoutine Techniques 2
NutritionWellness 1
Animal BehaviorWellness 2
DermatologySurgical Protocol

*Stop in the office of Springboro Veterinary Hospital and Urgent Care today to pick up a catalog and application.

Call 937-748-1378 or go to www.TheVeterinaryAssistantSchool.com