How do you clean a dog or cat’s ears?Answer: This is a question I am asked every day. First, we need to determine if we are cleaning for prevention or is there an active infection. If the ear is currently infected, you should have your veterinarian do the cleaning and then treat the ear with medications. After the infected ear is healed, then you can clean the ears at home to help prevent infections in the future. The frequency of cleaning varies, but never more than weekly. The product we use at Springboro Veterinary Hospital is ADL Foaming Ear Cleanser. You just pour the cleanser in, rub it in, let the pet shake it out, and dry with a cloth.

A word of caution here is never to use Q-tips to clean your pet’s ears; you could do more harm than good by damaging the eardrum. You can get more information by tuning in to our upcoming Podcast, or by watching a video, we produced on YouTube at the Springboro Veterinary Hospital channel.