Some say it poisonous to pets but the newer antifreeze products are not. What is true?

A: CAUTION: Antifreeze that contains ethylene glycol can be deadly to pets. It has a sweet taste that is attractive to animals. But even small amounts can kill your pet or a small child.
Be careful; my dog licked up a little antifreeze a few years ago. We had a visitor with a leaking radiator. Unbeknownst to us, there was antifreeze in the driveway, and our dog enjoyed a quick taste. Thankfully I caught her licking it and was able to treat her right away. It was a terrifying event for her and me.
Because of the sweet taste but deadly toxicity of ethylene glycol, some manufacturers have started putting bitter agents in their antifreeze products to deter the attraction. Hopefully, this will help, but this does not change the toxicity of the product.

It is true there are newer, safer antifreeze products available containing propylene glycol. However, even propylene glycol can be dangerous to your pet. Bottom line all antifreeze is bad for pets. Store safely out the reach of your pet.

If you suspect your pet has ingested even a slight amount of antifreeze, get them to a veterinarian right away. IT IS AN EMERGENCY!