You have been watching a sore on you dogs skin for several days, hoping it is nothing and that it will go away on its own. The sore does not seem to be improving and you are getting worried and starting to think you may need to take your dog to the veterinarian, but you are still not sure, plus your dog is difficult to take to the veterinarian and gets stressed.

Are you aware that Veterinary Medicine is following in the footsteps of Human Medicine and now offering Telemedicine Consultations? This is where you can use technology like smart phones, texting, facetime, and email to send photos and videos directly to your veterinarian, in real time, and have a discussion with recommendations about your pet’s health.

In the above scenario, a telemedicine consult could go several ways. The veterinarian could look at the information you provide and set your mind at ease by informing you that the problem is mild and with just some cleaning at home, everything will be ok. Alternatively, you could be told that things will be ok with some medications that you could just stop by the hospital and pickup for administration at home. More seriously, it may be noted that this case needs some in hospital diagnostics and treatment and the recommendation will be to make an appointment to come in. All 3 possibilities will give you peace of mind as to the correct course of action.

There are advantages to this telemedicine approach. First of all you will get advice as to how to proceed with your pet. We know that you have anxiety when your pet is sick, and it is comforting to have professional help with your decisions. Secondly, your pet is also anxious, and telemedicine could possibly avoid a trip to the hospital, therefore relieving that stress. Thirdly, economically, telemedicine can cost less than a visit to the hospital, so you could save some money, if everything can be handled at home.

The main disadvantage with telemedicine is that your veterinarian is unable to put their hands on the pet and do a physical examination. In cases when the veterinarian feels this is important, the recommendation for an appointment at the hospital will be made.

This is a new and exciting area of Veterinary Medicine, and we at Springboro Veterinary Hospital fully embrace it and are now offering this service to our current clients and patients. Clients will have access to this service after they have been set up in our computer and our doctor has established a veterinary client relationship. We look forward to chatting with you digitally.