Why do cats hate water?Cats are amusing creatures; some actually do enjoy the water! It is not uncommon for some owners to mention their cat’s attraction for it. Splashing and swatting at a dripping water faucet is one good example and usually seen as a play toy for them. If your cat does enjoy watching the dripping faucet, flowing pet fountains that recirculate water in a continual whirl are great fun, and an excellent way to get them to drink more.

But in my experience cats do not like water. There are several possible reasons for this; Behaviorally cats are generally less accepting of change and new experiences. A cat that has never been exposed to water probably won’t like the sensation of having their body drenched in it. A cat that has regularly been exposed to water as a kitten may be more accepting of it.

Cats are also very finicky animals. They spend a lot of time grooming themselves and likely aren’t big fans of having anything that doesn’t smell “normal” on their fur. In their eyes, you’re creating more work for them by bathing them and will clean themselves for hours after a bath.
There could be biological reasons as well. The domesticated cats are descendants of felines that typically live in dry arid areas. They have never learned to swim because there was no evolutionary need for it. This behavior, or lack thereof, has stuck around in our modern-day felines.

If you want to bathe your cat, start when they are young and make sure you thoroughly rinse their coat because they will obsessively lick off whatever you use to wash them. And NEVER use flea or tick shampoo meant for dogs, these can be toxic to cats.