Did you train your dog? Did your neighbors train their dog? We sure hope so. Behavior is a big topic. Why, because the number one reason pets end up in shelters is due to behavior problems. The statistics show that one year after getting a pet 30% of them will not remain in the house due to behavior problems.

Let’s get these dogs trained. There are a lot of options for training. We prefer positive reinforcement training starting with puppy training up to advance practice.

What is the difference between a trainer and a behaviorist?

Usually, a behaviorist is a trained veterinarian with a specialty in veterinary medicine. A veterinary behaviorist is an actual veterinarian who has continued to specialize in behavior. This means earning a bachelor’s degree, attending four years of veterinary school. Once becoming a DVM, the doctor must complete an internship, a residency in behavior, author a scientific paper, write peer-reviewed case studies, and pass a rigorous examination. Upon completion, the vet can become a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. This is a harsh journey, and there are not many these specialists around.

Dog trainers train dogs to execute specific tasks or actions. They also teach dogs not to do certain things. Some trainers will work with problem behaviors, even delving into the behaviorist side of things. However, a good trainer knows his or her limits and, if necessary, will refer you to someone better equipped to deal with the issue.
Training your dog is about training the dog and the pet parents. And it is one of the most important things you can do for your pet and society.

Just as important as training, socialization is extremely important too. We recommend you socialize your pet when they are young but only with other healthy, vaccinated puppies.

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