Is it OK to leave my dog outside in the winterANSWER: Everyone is aware of hot weather problems for pets, but cold temperatures pose a significant risk also. There is much debate about what temperatures are the limits for our pets. Examples of Alaskan sled dogs are used, but these are individual cases of trained dogs and do not apply to my household couch dog. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommends that all pets be kept indoors in all temperatures below freezing (32F)

I firmly believe pets should stay indoors in the winter. But we know that not all pets will be afforded this luxury, so if you know someone with an outdoor pet make sure they are in an insulated structure that is faced away from the wind, with a floor off of the ground and changeable bedding. The water must not freeze and do not use heat lamps or space heaters, as they can burn or catch fire. There are individual pet house heaters that can be purchased.