Why is my dog trembling or shakingWhy is my dog trembling or shaking? Sometimes he falls over and sometimes he just stands and looks at me with teeth chattering. Could it be a seizure?

Answer: Yes, your dog could be having a seizure, but other problems could exist. We would first need to perform a physical exam and do some laboratory testing to see what is going on. Seizures can be due to another organ system malfunction or can occur for no reason at all (we call this Epilepsy). If we find another problem, then we can directly treat that, and then the seizures will stop. If we cannot find a reason for the seizures, then we will have to manage Epilepsy. We would use different medications if your dog were seizing at least once a month or if your pet was having severe lasting more than 10 minutes.

It helps to time seizures, as even a 1-minute seizure seems like it took forever. If medication is started, lifelong monitoring is required to measure effectiveness and possibly switch medications. With all of this said, we know that seizures are scary for you, and your pet. But your veterinarian can help, and your pet can live a long and healthy life.